As an experienced marketing leader with an entrepreneurial background, Charlotte Chipperfield has worn many hats and become very familiar with the multitude of activities that make up the marketing ecosystem from:

  • Brand story development
  • Copywriting
  • Product and retail store launches
  • Merchandising Management
  • Managing marketing budgets and P&L
  • Team leadership and employee engagement
  • Market research and consumer insights
  • Social media including paid social
  • Advertising
  • Partnerships (PR and Influencers)
  • Coupon programs
  • Sales collateral
  • Trade and consumer events
  • Google Adwords

All of which has lead to the following results:

  1. Generated over 10 million impressions through strategic and story-driven content.
  2. Increased followers by 95% in 6 months.
  3. Doubled social media engagement and tripled website click-throughs.
  4. Helped clients increase revenue earnings by $600K.
  5. Increased overall customer engagement by 400% through social.
  6. Developed e-mail campaigns to generate over $200K in sales.

Social Media Examples

Social media is one channel in the overall marketing ecosystem which speaks directly to customers on a daily basis. Gone are the days of aimlessly posting on social media. It now requires setting objectives and strategic about the story a company is telling in order to build an engaged community to achieve business goals.

The following are examples of successful and engaging social media campaigns developed by Charlotte:

Email Marketing Examples

Email marketing, a relationship nurturing tool and key driver in sales, is also a powerful tool for communicating with customers and driving sales. With the right email marketing strategy, brands can personalize messaging, provide a clear call to action, gaining measurable analytics and increase sales.

The following emails were highly successful with higher than industry average open rates and click-through-rates, which resulted in thousands of dollars in sales.


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