As an experienced brand marketing leader with an entrepreneurial background, Charlotte Chipperfield has become familiar with a variety of industries to develop a mix of marketing channel activities communicating key brand messaging principles to create results-driven marketing ecosystem leveraging the following skills:

  • Brand identity development
  • Storytelling copywriting
  • Marketing strategy implementation
  • Managing marketing budgets
  • Servant team leadership and employee engagement
  • Market research and consumer insights
  • Social media including paid social
  • Establishing KPIs and analytics
  • Editorial calendar management
  • Sales collateral
  • Trade and consumer events
  • Google Adwords
  • Partnerships (PR and Influencers)
  • Product and retail store launches
  • Merchandising Management
  • Procedure/workflow development

All of which has lead to the following results:

  1. Generated over 10 million impressions through strategic and story-driven content.
  2. Increased followers by 95% in 6 months.
  3. Doubled social media engagement and tripled website click-throughs.
  4. Helped clients increase revenue earnings by $600K.
  5. Increased overall customer engagement by 400% through social.
  6. Developed e-mail campaigns to generate over $200K in sales.

Case Studies


Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions Brand and Social Media Strategy Case Study


As a new company having launched in 2017, AMST and came to Charlotte to help define the brand look and feel, messaging, content, and thought-leadership direction for Audrey McGuckin leveraging Linkedin to reach the target audience of Fortune 1000 clients.


Charlotte started by conducting an intake with Audrey to learn more about her service offerings, target demographic and the assets available. From here Charlotte conducted additional market research and competitor analysis to create a brand strategy outlining the brand voice, visual assets, and editorial calendar optimized for lead generation. This strategy was then executed across both the blog and Linkedin.

Next, Charlotte created a technology stack and workflow that allowed the team to collaborate and execute valued-based content to distribute via social media each month.


Within the first 12 months, followers increased by 1000% and $150K in revenue was attributed to the content marketing plan.

“Charlotte really listened to our needs and delivered!” – Audrey McGuckin


Strategy Session

Usenix Brand and Social Media Strategy Case Study


Usenix hosts more than 50 tech conferences around the world annually and manages communities across 20 different social profiles. They were in the process of adding to their social media team, and wanted to ensure that their social strategy was optimized and to provide new team members with resources and guidance for mastering social media.


Charlotte conducted an audit to analyze their 20 social media properties and identified opportunities and recommendations for engaging and growing their audiences.

Next, Charlotte created custom resources to streamline brand presence online, optimize internal workflow, design post templates, and outline best practices for community management before, during and after conferences.

The deliverables included:

  • A robust social media strategy
  • A brand book
  • A social media handbook including customized social media procedures, recommended tools, advertising know-how, and protocol for managing events
  • A communications schedule
  • Content calendar template along with post templates for papers/participation, registration, hotel room reminders, during event posts, after the event and sponsor shout outs.

Lastly, Charlotte provided an in-house presentation to review their strategy, implement new tools, and create a strategic social media plan for the next three months.


“Charlotte empowered our team members to manage social media independently with greater confidence.” – Casey H. of Usenix

The Usenix team has used the resources and communications schedule provided by Charlotte to maximize their social media efforts, leading to increased engagement and month-over-month audience growth.


Facebook Advertising Case Study


European Sleep Works aimed to establish brand awareness in the Bay Area of California seeking to increase web traffic and foot traffic to the store location utilizing Facebook’s advertising platform. Charlotte was retained for our Social Delegate service to develop the strategy, ad creative and execute all campaigns.


Charlotte developed three Facebook Ad campaigns per month based on European Sleep Works’ unique brand positioning pillars. Charlotte created strategic advertising campaigns designed to reach customers in the Bay Area using geo-targeting and interest specific targeting.


In six months, Charlotte helped European Sleep Works reach 360k potential new customers and landed over 1M impressions online. Website traffic tripled, driving over 600 website visitors a month and increased their Facebook fan base by 33%.

“Charlotte is on time, concise, and very responsive. They’re an agency that brings new direction and ideas.”



Case Study for a Wine Holding Company


To develop and maintain the engagement and reach of 6 luxury wine brands across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Charlotte was retained for monthly social media management services to develop strategy, create monthly content calendars and execute the plan to drive engagement and brand awareness.


Charlotte developed monthly content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, focused on sharing each brand’s story, engaging winemaking content, vineyard updates, news and events. Charlotte worked closely alongside their internal DTC and brand teams to develop impactful content before executing, devising Facebook ad spend strategies and providing community management support.


Charlotte achieved substantial growth for all 6 brands leading to increased web traffic, followers and customer engagement:



Social Media Examples

Social media is one channel in the overall marketing ecosystem which speaks directly to customers on a daily basis. Gone are the days of aimlessly posting on social media. It now requires setting objectives and strategic about the story a company is telling in order to build an engaged community to achieve business goals.

The following are examples of successful and engaging social media campaigns developed by Charlotte:

Email Marketing Examples

Email marketing, a relationship nurturing tool and key driver in sales, is also a powerful tool for communicating with customers and driving sales. With the right email marketing strategy, brands can personalize messaging, provide a clear call to action, gaining measurable analytics and increase sales.

The following emails were highly successful with higher than industry average open rates and click-through-rates, which resulted in thousands of dollars in sales.


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